I have so many good friends

Ever since I had radiant heated floors installed in my house, I have become incredibly spoiled. When I first felt that warming sensation from the floors, I was in love. I don’t even know these days how I was able to get by without radiant heated floors in my life. I save so much money on the energy bills, it’s nuts! These days, my friends come to hang out at my home because it’s just so comfortable all the time. I got a new toy more recently as well, a smart thermostat. Now I can easily adjust the thermostat from just about anywhere. It’s nice when we’re all hanging out playing cards or watching TV, just being able to modify the climate control settings without having to walk all the way over to the thermostat. The smart thermostat even adjusts the settings for me automatically based on the settings that I prefer. I love how my smart thermostat and I have developed this type of relationship where the thermostat actually knows what settings I prefer! Talk about advanced technology! I think in the near future, I’m going to have to invest in an excellent cooling system. My cooling system is pretty nice but I would love to upgrade to an A/C system with the rapid cooling technology. I heard that is great because you can easily cool down your household in minutes! That would be especially handy for me because I love to grill in the warm season and I tend to shut off the cooling system when I’m outside cooking.

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