I have so much time

When I was driving yesterday, I was immediately distracted by the terrible glare on my windshield… I went to spray the windshield with washer fluid, but it was empty! There was a bunch of salt on my windshield from all the salt dumped on the streets. It is winter, and it snows all of the time here. As I was driving, I had my heater cranked to nearly full blast. I do not care for freezing temperatures. I especially do not care for driving around in the snow, but when I got off from work, I decided to go right to a gas station to grab some windshield wiper fluid. I felt that with such a bad glare on my windshield, I would end up getting in a terrible accident. I cleaned my windshield and poured in the windshield wiper fluid. On the way home, I had the heater going again. When I got into my residence, I realized that I had the heating, ventilation and A/C system turned off. I knew that was okay though, because I have a heating, ventilation and A/C system with rapid heating and cooling! So I turned the temperature control to 73 degrees, and my house was heated in minutes. I really love that rapid heating and cooling in my HVAC system. It was such a perfect investment. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. The HVAC ducts are much smaller and more simple to repair. It’s amazing how fast you can heat and cool your home. It’s especially nice in the summer when it’s blazing hot outside. I can cool down my house in minutes after being outside cooking on the grill, or coming back in from mowing.

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