I have to constantly educate myself as an HVAC technician

I never realized how much learning I would be required to take to be an HVAC technician.

I was never very good at studying and taking tests, and I thought that a job fixing heating systems and air conditioners sounded perfect to me. When I joined the trade school to become an HVAC technician, it seemed like I spent all of my time taking tests. I was so glad when I finally got my certification and became an official HVAC technician. I understand now why I had to take so many tests. Sure, a lot of what I do as an HVAC technician is very hands-on, but there are a lot of technical details when installing and repairing an HVAC unit that I have to pay attention to. As an HVAC technician, I have been prepared to grow as a learner and as a student. I love the learning opportunity. However, all of those tests in trade school to become an HVAC technician also prepared me for something else. As an HVAC technician, I am constantly having to learn new things to work on HVAC units. As the year’s pass, HVAC units change, and in order for us to be effective HVAC technicians, we have to learn how these HVAC units work and how to fix them. In order for us to continue being HVAC technicians, we are required to take courses in these areas. At first, I found it really frustrating that I spent years becoming an HVAC technician just to have to continue learning new things to keep my certification. However, now, I have learned the wisdom behind it. If a customer is hiring an HVAC technician, they have to be assured that this HVAC technician knows exactly what he is doing.

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