I have to cut my tree down to save my HVAC and plumbing

I don’t understand how the coldest room in our lake house is the bathroom, then when the cooling system is on, the bathroom is consistently extra cold! It’s not very comfortable to get out of the shower and immediately get hit by a blast of chilly air. The temperature is bizarre in the rest of the house most of the time. Some rooms are always warmer than others. I have tried to ignore this a/c issue for a long time now, but recently the cooling system has stopped blowing any cool air into the bedroom at all. I finally decided to call a cooling system repair corporation. The cooling system company looked over my air conditioning system at home and then they went under my lake house to look at the air ducts. The cooling system serviceman explained that some tree roots had gotten into the air ducts and they were messing up the air flow throughout the house. Apparently the bathroom is the first room that the air duct reaches and I guess that’s why the bathroom is consistently so cold. But on the other hand, my bedroom is sealed off from getting any cooled air at all. The HVAC serviceman repaired and upgraded all of my duct work. It cost me a lot of money and it took them a really long time. But now my whole lake house is cool as well as comfortable. The bathroom is no longer chilly all the time either. I suppose I shall have to have the old tree cut down that is causing all of the trouble though. I don’t want it to get into the ducts again. I bet that it’s also damaging my plumbing too. That will be another expense for us.

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