I have to include SEO

When considering your website, you need to always be aware that you are trying to get business.  By getting people to your website, they know that there is the possibility they may sign up for your services.  After all, why are they here in the first place? They must be looking for a HVAC company to fix or maintain their furnace, ventilation system, or air conditioner.  Give them a reason to want to get there, and then grab onto them and keep them as a customer. So, where do we start? We have the ad banner, now we have the website and people are coming to your website.  Are they looking and leaving, or are they actually reading your information and signing up to get a call back or an appointment. Your website, as does your ad, needs to have SEO. Search Engine Optimization is important.  What SEO does, is that it puts keywords into every sentence, the title, and anywhere it can be put. The keywords are what prompts Google, or whichever search engine the potential client is on, to put your HVAC business at the top of the list.  At the very least, you want to be on the first page. You always need to make sure your keywords are there. Without the key words, there is no traffic coming to your site. With no traffic you won’t have customers. I would suggest to get a professional SEO consultant, if you have no idea where to start.  If you don’t have SEO, then you probably have no traffic and you wasted money on the website.

SEO service plan