I have worked in this industry for a while

The other weekend, our fiance and I went to this lovely new diner we’d heard so much about. When we were asked if we would prefer smoking or non-smoking, we had to go with non-smoking! My fiance is highly sensitive to smoke and any sort of contaminants that affect the air quality. Since I was concerned about her health, I said that we wanted to be far away from the smoking section. There wasn’t anything available that far from the smoking section sadly, which was quite disappointing! The host assured me that they had excellent air purification systems running in the backdrop of the smoking section. They worked so well, you wouldn’t even know there was a smoking section unless you deliberately looked for it. I thought that was malarkey, but he was right – I never did catch any smoke. Even after we sat at our table for awhile, I couldn’t pick up on the smoke and neither could my fiance. Every one of us were absolutely quite comfortable! The temperature control in the locale seemed to be perfectly working too, and when I looked towards the smoking section, I could see smoke being collected into vents in the ceiling. How nifty! I figured that was the air purifiers doing their thing. It was really neat to see that up close, too. I was so impressed with the purifiers, enough so that I got to thinking about getting a nice air purifier for our own house. I told the betrothed about my idea, and she said it was a great idea! So the next day, I called up our local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and asked them about what kind of whole-apartment air purifiers they had. I can’t wait to get this system back in one piece!

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