I hired a professional to seal my ductwork.

The moment I realized I had heat leaking from around the seams from my ductwork, I was looking up ways to fix it.

I really thought that I only needed to buy some duct tape and I could wrap it around the pipe and it would seal the ductwork.

It didn’t take long to find out that the duct tape I bought in a store, was not going to fix the seal. I didn’t find all of the holes and the tape could not fix the leaks. I realized I would need to call the HVAC company and have them send a professional ductwork sealer. The first thing the HVAC ductwork cleaner did was to seal off all of the air vents so no air could escape. She then forced pressurized air into the ductwork which was able to help her find where there was even a pinhole leak to holes as big as a one inch diameter. She then took what is called Aeroseal and began to blow it into the ductwork. Aeroseal is combination of adhesive polymer particles that when blown through the ductwork would try to escape through the holes. They would become attached to the sides of the holes until the air leak was completely closed. There was no mess or disruption of my home and there were no odors. She estimated that I may have been losing as much as 20% of my heat and air conditioning into the crawlspace and basement. With the ductwork properly sealed, we would be saving money on our energy bills and our home would be much warmer and cooler.

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