I honestly need to be more cautious while on the road

I cannot afford it for somebody to actually report my truck

I haven’t been sleeping all that well. I have been tossing plus turning plus I only sleep for approximately an hour or multiple. I still have to go to my place of work each morning, plus I find myself getting more plus more weary everyday. Last night I did not get much sleep at all. I remember looking at the clock a little bit after it was midnight. I was still awake at 3 in the early morning hours. I guess I fell asleep eventually after 5 plus the alarm rang at 6:30 for me to get up for work… My eyes were extremely red plus puffy, although I took a shower plus it helped me to wake up some. I worked all through the day on heating plus a/c equipment service jobs. Most of the day I was driving around in the truck from one supplier to another. We have numerous air cleaners that need to be worked on. I was truly glad not to be stuck on a difficult Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment replacement work, however laying in the car made me pretty weary as well. I was remaining there at a red light plus my eyes actually shut for a moment. I did not see the light easily turn green until the car behind me was honking on their horn. I have a sticker on the back of my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment work truck with a number to call if my driving isn’t especially good. I cannot afford it for somebody to actually report my truck. I am going to get into an accident if I am not very cautious. I actually need to get extra sleep each night before I attempt to come to my job plus drive around the area for the course of the day.

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