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The two of us had resided in a compound in the city for multiple months, but the two of us were genuinely unsatisfied with this type of living. The Two of Us Ultimate Lee long to settle into a country living atmosphere, where we could build a multiple room compound that would genuinely fit the two of us as well as our hippie lifestyle. The two of us genuinely found a multiple room compounds about 12 miles away from the nearest gas station. The two of us ultimately had a lot of work sliced out for the two of us, because the compound we bought required multiple Renovations at the time. One big renovation was working on the heating, air conditioning, as well as ventilation device. The two of us bought this multiple room compound, knowing the central heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning device was non-operating. The two of us knew this would require three or four thousands of dollars in repairs or Replacements to the heating, ventilation Ian, as well as air conditioning device. The two of us had planned for these Renovations, but we did not anticipate having to rewire half of the electricity around our compound. Multiple of the electrical sockets genuinely did not seem to be connected to the electrical wiring, as well as the two of us ultimately had to dish out a heap of money to move into this modern multiple room compound. Once all of the repairs had been made, the two of us genuinely settled into our country living establishment.