I hope it’s not snowing when I get the replacement part

For a little while now, the radiator in our van has been leaking. At first we thought the leak from the radiator was actually coming from the overflow tank. So I ordered the part and my buddy and I replaced the overflow tank. To my shock, I found that the coolant from the car was still leaking onto the ground and I had to keep filling the radiator with coolant. I then discovered that the leak was actually coming from the bottom of the radiator. I was disappointed because I realized that I would have to order a new radiator to fix this problem. So I ordered the necessary part and had it delivered to my house. I was quite disappointed when my buddy and I were about to replace the old radiator with a new one, we found that the new radiator was broken. The package materials were quite lacking and the package appeared to be handled roughly. So I reached out to the company I ordered the radiator from and sent them pictures of the damaged radiator. They said they would send me out a new radiator as soon as possible and the shipping company would pick up the damaged one. I really wished that radiator wasn’t damaged because we are heading into the winter season and the days are becoming extremely cold. This day I picked was a very nice day but I know we won’t see much more of those days. In the meantime, I’ll just be enjoying the heat from my climate control system to keep warm. I hope I don’t have to install this radiator when it’s snowing outside.

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