I hurriedly bought a tiny home with no space to fit ductwork

Having come from a giant family residing well in the suburbs, I came from plenty but it wasn’t enough for me.

I figured having less but cherishing everything would bring the peace and happiness I couldn’t get from our expensive lifestyle, and my neighbor kept reading about residing giant in a tiny home and every time I caught him doing that it piqued our interest more and more.

This curiosity led me to attend a tiny home convention with lots of commercial Heating & A/C for sale and from there I was hooked. Spoke to our dad about it and I picked a befitting tiny home worth $34,000, then having made a rush decision, I didn’t guess a lot of things, a single of them being how to manage energy saving tips in a tiny house. I suddenly realised I needed to learn more about air conditioner and also engage the A/C service of a local service provider to take me through our gas furnace/heater installation needs. The home was powered from a grid connection so the previous owner didn’t need too much ductwork, but since I was planning to go off-grid, I needed a lot of A/C repair and renovation. To begin with, the seller had installed a commercial air conditioner single cut system which I didn’t need. The fine thing is that he sold me the small watt furnace he had but I soon turned it into a furnace for sale because the central AC overhaul I planned would suffice without portable AC units, however luckily, I found a way to incorporate a modern ductless mini cut and took a few tutorials on how to troubleshoot heat pump service if i ever needed to do so but for now things were looking up thanks to a helpful A/C representative connection from our dad.



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