I joined a yoga class.

I do some yoga in my home, and I was hoping to find a yoga class in my neighborhood.

  • I didn’t want to need to get in my car and drive miles to find a yoga studio.

I just needed an hour away from my kids and some way to unwind. It didn’t take long to find out that a local church not only hosts a yoga class once a week, but it also offered free baby-sitting services for those with children. This was even better news than knowing there was a yoga class available. I quickly called the number and signed up for the class. It surprised me when I arrived for the first yoga class. I thought there would only be a couple people present. There were about twenty people there, including men, and they were all ages. It cost me $5 for every class. I couldn’t believe I could take a yoga class for just five dollars and get my kids a babysitter. The first class showed me I had been doing yoga all wrong. I learned how to do a proper Lotus position and then I learned how to do a Downward Dog. I had to laugh when I got into some other positions. I wondered if I was not just going to get into some positions, but how I was going to get out of them if I did. Yoga was proving to be much more difficult than I had made it when I was practicing at home. The yoga instructor was helpful, and she told me that everyone needs to start somewhere. I will return to the yoga class. It was a good way to get some relaxation and be with adults for a while.


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