I just can’t get warm

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what I do, or how high I have the thermostat set, I am still cold.  I’m not sure what causes this phenomenon, but it is a pain in the butt. Everyone else in the house will be walking around in just jeans and a t-shirt.  I have on a heavy sweater and a jacket. I have hunting socks on with my leather slippers, and I have chills going up my spine. The doctor says that is because of my diet.  It is a heart healthy diet, and my heart rate has slowed considerably since I started eating properly. I think my blood isn’t pumping fast enough for my body to produce its own heating, but who am I to say that.  Instead, I turn on the space heater, close my office door, and I hibernate, waiting for winter to end. I love winter and most of last year, I was outside helping to clean the snow off the porch in nothing but my light jacket and sneakers.  I really wish I could find a small heater that wouldn’t be too much heat for the rest of my family. I’m wondering if this means I’ll need less air conditioning this summer. My energy bill would be so much lower, if the air conditioning didn’t need to run all of the time to keep me cool.  I’ll probably have just the opposite happen and I’ll need to run the air conditioner more often and at a lower temperature, just to keep me cool. I really hope I am exaggerating about that.

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