I just love my portable air conditioner –

When my older brother gave me a portable air conditioner for my birthday, I wasn’t overly excited. I doubted I’d ever use it. I live in an area where the cold weather is the priority. A powerful and efficient heating system is absolutely necessary. The summers are typically quite short and sometimes chilly and rainy. Now and then, we get some very high temperatures and humidity, which can be brutal. I’ve always managed with open windows and box fans. Sometimes, I’d have real trouble sleeping at night. The portable air conditioner is so compact that I figured it would have difficulty cooling my bedroom down. My brother installed it within ten minutes, plugged it in and started it up. I was amazed by the amount of cool air it supplied. I’ve since grown to love that portable air conditioner. I can’t wait to install it in the spring and I leave it in the window until well into the fall.  It keeps my bedroom perfectly comfortable, no matter how severe the outside weather. And if the weather is mild, I simply run the fan. I like having the cooling system circulating and filtering the air. My room is not only comfortable, but healthier. I don’t need to vacuum or dust as often, and I sleep so much better. I can keep the windows closed and locked, so I feel safer. Plus, I avoid the influx of dust, pollen, bugs and exhaust fumes. I don’t hear traffic sounds, neighbors or barking dogs. On days when it’s super hot and sticky out, I am reluctant to leave my room. I don’t even need to get out of bed to make adjustments to temperature or fan speed, because the portable air conditioner features a cordless remote.

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