I keep everything separate

All the people here in the US take a/c for granted I think. We especially do in the southeast where it is so tepid plus humid about most of the year. I swear, I feel super sorry for our poor cooling system because it just never gets a rest. There are several sites in the world where the economy won’t even support wide Heating plus A/C use. Also, there are other sites where the people are just too poor to afford heating plus cooling. Recently, I discovered that there are even places with treatment centers that don’t have heating plus cooling. That to me is ridiculous. I mean in tepid countries that have no cooling system, you are just a breeding a home for germs plus disease. So, I decided to start up a mission trip to install modern a/c in a hospital in another country. The first thing I needed to do was get the Heating plus A/C plan the crew of us wanted. Well actually I needed to decide what kind of Heating plus A/C plan to get. I needed to get a reliable electricity efficient option for the area.  I decided the crew of us would just get mini split ductless ac systems. They can be mounted easy plus are simple to use plus fairly cheap to use too. Plus, if a hospital has some rooms not in use, they can just not use the cooling system in that room. Easy solution.

A/C equipment