I keep tripping over the cord to my heater at work

I keep tripping over the cord to my heater at work, and it is so annoying. I am super thankful that my boss allows me to bring a little space heater to work with me because it is so chilly in my office without that heater. I have heat in my office of course, but it just doesn’t seem to get very warm in there no matter how high I set the thermostat. I bring the heater home with me everyday because I also like to use it in my bedroom at night. I get chilly in my room at night as well. I guess I should probably buy a second little heater for my bedroom so that I don’t have to transport the heater I have now back and forth every day, but I have not gotten to that yet. I hope to buy a second heater within the next few weeks because I have forgotten the heater a few times, and I have trouble getting my work done when my office is cold. Another problem that I have is the fact that I cannot seem to walk across my office without tripping over the cord to the heater. I actually fell on my face the other day because my foot got caught on the cord to the heater. I don’t think they make nice heaters that don’t need cords or else I would get one. It really stinks that I don’t have another outlet in my office that I can plug the heater into. I guess I will have to learn to pick up my feet more when I walk so I don’t faceplant in the middle of my office floor again.

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