I knew this was right for me

We were vacationing in the mountains and decided to go on some tours of historical landmarks.  I have always enjoyed learning about history by actually seeing it and none of these places disappointed us. Because we were in the New England area there were large mansions that were owned by the wealthy settlers that travelled from various European countries.  Now, even though many of these people were responsible for the creation of our great country, they really had some laughbable “technology”, if you could call it that. Today, we control our home environment with the flip of a switch, by way of remote, or even a constant programmable system that ensures the perfect air quality year round.  Back then, they needed to rely on fireplaces that they would burn at different levels, open and close windows constantly, and set up large fans to try and stay comfortable. There were thermometers on the wall in many rooms for people to read to see what the temperature was. I guess they were lucky to have house servants to check these all the time and do what they needed to do to ensure their employers comfort.  It would be a full time job just to keep the fireplaces lit all day and cleaned out as well during the winters way up north. Although I like learning about history I don’t think I would have wanted to live back then. I am very comfortable with my modern conveniences and mostly my HVAC system. I know that my home is always perfectly warmed in the winter and cooled in the summer. I always make sure to have the system serviced on a regular basis to ensure that I don’t have to rely on my fireplace for warmth on a cold winter night.

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