I knew this was right

When I had some pals over the other day, my one friend was hilarious. He was cracking jokes about everything and then he said something about my air quality and I thought it was a joke. No one else was laughing though and then he said he was serious, my air quality was bad. It felt humid inside of the household and the A/C was weak. My face then went bright red and I said I always changed my air filters regularly. He said that was definitely not sufficient maintenance for such a crucial household appliance. He said I needed to get my HVAC tuned up regularly and checked out to see if any parts needed to be worked on. He also said that I should buy a humidifier/dehumidifier combo so that the excess humidity in the air could be removed and it would feel really nice inside. I decided to go with his advice and I ended up reaching out to my local HVAC guys. They installed the new humidifier/dehumidifier combo and provided a tune-up for my HVAC system. After that, everything seemed to be functioning well. The air quality really did improve tremendously which was great! The next time my friends were over, we were all joking again and my one friends said something bad about the air quality, yet again. I darn well knew that I had everything taken care of. He then said he was just kidding and the air quality was superb. He said I did a bang up job of having everything fixed. We all laughed and had a great time hanging out.

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