I know maintenance is what I need

I recently made the decision that I had to move out of the town I was living in and resettle in the country. To be fair, most people would probably consider the town I was living in to be the country. It was a small little hamlet with a population of a thousand. I had lived there for about ten years and before that I lived in a much more populated area. I just keep feeling suffocated by the people around me and increasingly do not want to be around them. The house I just purchased is actually more of a shack than anything. It is basically in the middle of the woods about a mile in from the road. It is secluded, quiet, and best of all completely devoid of human life. The shack has no amenities to speak of. There is no running water, electric, furnace, air conditioner, or anything else that can be counted among modern conveniences. Honestly, I prefer this way of life to the controlled society I just left. What good is a furnace or running water if you have to live by a rulebook with a bunch of people you cannot stand? I do not need electricity because I can light a fire to see at night or cook dinner. I don’t need a furnace to stay warm or an air conditioner to stay cool. I have a perfectly good running stream at the edge of my property. In short, I am completely content out here and have no need for the modern world or the people who inhabit it.

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