I know that’s important

I have certainly been chopping back as much as possible on our spending lately. I am trying to save up enough currency of my own for this epic concert. The problem is, the concert is in another country, to be clear, so instead of just saving up for a ticket (which is fancy) I also need to prepare plane fare, lodging, and traveling currency as well. I want to see this show pretty badly enough that I have break all our other routine spending down to the absolute bare necessities. For example, our little town offers free bus fare, so I stopped driving to labor and recently started taking the bus instead. Another, more painful example would be how I really hardly ever use our AC any more, however I actually much want to. Whenever I realized how much in utility costs I was paying each and every week just for our climate control system, I knew I had to make a pretty big change. If I didn’t use our undefined at all while the two of us were in the middle of the week, I could save up to a hundred bucks, which is no small amount at least for someone savor me, then every evening I fight myself to keep from ever switching on the thermostat and flooding the condo with cooling air, and I feel also as though every evening I remind myself about the concert. This had better be the very best show of all time, because it is costing myself and others weeks worth of intense comfort and AC, while the two of us were in the hottest time of year. If it ever starts getting much hotter, though, I may break down and turn the cooling system back on, maybe for just one evening, just to remind myself how it even feels.

clear air and heat