I know when I need a second opinion

There were many times when my father would speak words of wisdom and give us advice, whether we wanted it or not.

Over the years, I have found that his advice and wisdom have to help me build my confidence and learn how to be a better man. He also showed me how to use tools so I could do household repairs. As we worked together, I found I had a natural ability for electronics and I learned how to solder. Over the years, I did car repairs and I was basically a jack of all trades. When I wanted to go to college, he allowed me to make my own choices and he supported me in my choice of courses and what I wanted to do with my life. After getting a job in my chosen profession, I wanted to settle down and get a home of my own. My father was there to help me through the entire process. Now that I have my house, it is my father who is working on some HVAC repairs with me. My HVAC system is unable to get the temperature below seventy-five in the summer and above sixty-five in the winter. I called the HVAC company and they told me that I would need a new HVAC system. I called my dad who told me I may just get away with buying an evaporator coil which is pricey to replace but it is still cheaper than buying a new HVAC system. If it weren’t for my father, it would have cost me a lot more money.


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