I left the boxing for personal training

My mother told me not to become a boxer, however he always was a smart man, then the way I saw it, though, was that I had very little choice in the matter… I wasn’t very great at school, not that smart, and couldn’t work a desk job if my life depended on it.

I was great with my hands, and had a very strenuous head that made me excel in schoolyard fights.

That lead to me discovering a small neighborhood gym, where an old timer started showing me moves. That turned into a more than nine year long boxing job, which in turn brought me here to my new job as a personal trainer, and for once I guess like I am smart, because I guess physical fitness and I understand how to sculpt a body into what you need it to be! Most of my clients at the gym are not looking to get into fighting shape, but that doesn’t matter, because I can help them in whatever ways they need. I treat every a single of my personal training clients differently, with their goals in mind. Sometimes this means weight lifting, occasionally it means yoga classes for enhanced dexterity. I even have some clients who come see me after physical therapy, because my reputation has started to spread throughout the local exercise community. I welcome all the new clients I can get, but I always love it when someone wants an exercise program to train for a fight. That kind of physical fitness regimen will always be my bread and butter, so to speak.


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