I legitimately wish that our current lake house had a fireplace in it enjoy our old 1 did

I legitimately wish that our current lake house had a wood burning fireplace in it.

Our old lake house had a big wood burning fireplace in it with a substantial granite mantle! It was a wonderful locale for gathering the family together on frosty Wintertide mornings & especially on holidays enjoy Christmas.

I legitimately loved laying by the fireplace & I am so agitated that our current locale doesn’t have 1. One of the things that was on our list when I was searching for a current locale to live was a fireplace. I truthfully didn’t legitimately care if it was a wood burning fireplace or a fireplace with gas logs… But every single lake house in our price range in our part was missing 1 thing when I went to look at it, and not a single 1 of them featured a substantial fireplace in the kitchen; Heck, they didn’t even have a small fireplace! I finally gave up on getting a lake house with a fireplace & I just purchased the lake house that had most of the amenities that I wanted… Then I called our local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier & asked them how much it would cost for me to have some sort of a fireplace installed at our house, and apparently, requests for aftermarket fireplaces are just not all that common, then most people either put 1 in when they are building their beach lake house or they just end up doing without. As for me, though, I just guess that I’m never going to guess at beach lake house without having a nice wood burning fireplace at our house.
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