I lived here for a decade

I remember back in the day, when I used to rent an apartment. Though it was the first in addition to only place I had lived outside of my parents house, for some time it was the greatest home I’d ever known! With time, various moves around the state in addition to some experience, I realized that renting was a dead end that you should get out of quickly! When you rent, nothing is truly yours. The apartment will never become yours, even if you live there for a decade. You could be moved out at any time, so roots? Forget them! Instead of waiting to buy a massive house like everyone seems to do, invest in a trailer – like me! My lovely mobile home has cable, Wi-Fi, a killer Heating as well as A/C system, and everything else I would want to make a home truly “my home”. The air conditioner I have here, as well as the furnace, would be better used inside a full sized home though. Both of them take up a whole lot of space in the front and back yard, and supply much more intense levels of climate controlling heat or cool air while making me sweat or shake from the heat or cold. I would love to know what the previous owner was planning when they packed this place up with such massive oversized Heating as well as A/C equipment. Not only are they both bulky and get in my way all the time, but I have to run them most carefully – otherwise, the heating or cooling levels get out of hand and kill my electric bill! I can probably sell off these costly high end Heating as well as A/C models, and turn around to buy smaller pieces of equipment for my trailer. Then I might even walk away a richer man by keeping the difference!

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