I love his new lifestyle

Last year, our Uncle Greg retired from his task at a corporate office for a huge tire corporation, but he had been genuinely working there for almost 40 years, however he told myself and others that his largest love has always been farming.

He lived on a farm when he was a little boy, & ever since then he’s always wanted to get back to it.

So he retired from his task & started getting online and doing research on all kinds of farming. Of course, he already knew quite a bit of information from his younger afternoons, however over the years he had quickly become much more interested in beekeeping & honey than in anything else on this planet. He decided that he was going to open up a honey farm located at his place & focus on building up honey hives throughout his property. So far, I truly believe he’s done a genuinely amazing task, because the last time I went out there to see him, he was super busy with all of his assorted beekeeping tasks & the honey hives seemed to be doing genuinely well, from what I could tell. He had a little sign up at the end of the road that said Greg’s Honey Farm & he was selling honey by the quart. I told him that if he ever suddenly needed any honey bee help then every one of us was available to help out in any way possible. I like honey & beekeeping is something that I have always found crazy fascinating. I suppose it’s something that will bring him years of enjoyment, plus I feel he’s giving back to the community here & to the environment.


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