I love my parents


It’s always an interesting time when my mom and dad come to visit me. When I made the move down to the south, it was a big adjustment getting used to the climate. I had spent most of my life living in the northern part of the country, so I was not used to the hot weather 24/7! Each time my parents come down to visit me, they whine and make a big deal about the warm weather. They make an even bigger deal about my house and how warm it is in there. My mom and dad will often make a fuss about sweating through their pajamas during the night, and all other types of things. I don’t think that they realize having a heating and cooling unit is super pricey! Up in the north, the temperature only gets high every once in a while. Most heating and cooling units are not very necessary at all. Down here however, it is a totally different story all together. If you don’t have a proper heating unit, you are not going to be in good shape. With that being said, running a powerful heated gas furnace all day equates to super high monthly energy bills! My parents think that I should call and set up an appointment to have my current heated gas furnace replaced for a new model that just came out. It is going to be pretty expensive, but my parents won’t stop talking about it. I think for their sake (and mine as well) that I will go ahead and make that big time purchase.

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