I love the AC, but hate when I lose it

I don’t think anyone knows just how much they rely on their air conditioning until it goes out. It had been a very long time since I had any trouble with my air conditioning. I know some of that is because I always took such good care of the air conditioning. I had my inspections and maintenance done regularly, to help insure I would have no difficulty. Even though I had always had the service done and I know the importance of having the service completed, that didn’t stop me from not having the service done for two years in a row. I guess it just took it for granted that the air conditioning was always going to work for me. Maybe I thought this because I did take such good care of the AC unit up until two years ago. Then problems do arise and it seems to take us by surprise, when all along we were asking it to break done, since we didn’t do the maintenance. I was planning on relaxing the other week and then going out with the guys. I hadn’t had heat and humidity in my home for quite some time, so when the air conditioning quit working, it was like I was in a different world. I called the HVAC company who couldn’t even come out until the next day. I had to go for over 24 hours without any air conditioning, and I wasn’t happy. I was happy to know that the air conditioning problem was not serious and it wasn’t my fault or anyone else’s fault. He said that the AC can break like this, even the day after the servicing is done. I was thrilled to know my AC was working even though I hadn’t had the servicing done.



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