I love the boiler

My siblings and I all worked together for our mom’s birthday. Both of us decided instead of many little gifts, we would chip in for a pressing gift as a team. My siblings and I decided to get our mother high velocity A/C. She does not have any A/C and she is going through menopause. Rather than get her 1 window air conditioner, we got her a pressing A/C unit. High velocity A/C uses ductwork. The ductwork won’t disrupt her apartment though. Typically, for ductwork, Heating and AC companies need to tear down walls and a ceiling. The high velocity air ducts are smaller, adjustable and can actually fit into the slats of an older home. The ductwork installation will be quite straight-forward. Then, the cooling unit is the bomb. The high velocity A/C unit is way more powerful and stronger than other air conditioners. It boasts that it can lower the whole homes temperature in under 10 minutes. This will be perfect for our mother that deals with sporadic sizzling flashes. When she feels 1 coming on, she only needs to turn on the AC. By the time the sizzling flash happens, the A/C unit will be pumping out frigid air to combat this. How good is that gift idea? My siblings and I will need to be creative with how we get her out of the house. Both of us want the A/C installation done before her birthday and when she is not there. That way it can be the ultimate surprise for her. Hopeful she enjoys the cooling unit in her house.

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