I love the idea!

I am on a rather slim budget and I keep an actually close watch on our yearly expenses.  When our energy bills steadily increased, I tried to be more conservative with our control component settings.  Despite outside hot and cold temperatures in the low thirties, I barely operated the oil furnace. Instead, I bundled up in layers of overcoats and other clothes. My current home was downright cold, and yet our heating bill was still far too expensive for our liking.  Although I hated to spend the money on professional service, I knew there had to be something wrong with the oil furnace. When my oil furnace was inspected, he found only minimal buildup of dust and all the components seemed to be working constantly. He then inspected the integrity of the ductwork and discovered several leaks and holes.  The heated air from our oil furnace was escaping from those imperfections. In order to keep up with demand, the heating proposal had to work harder and run longer. I was wasting a ton of money and energy to keep our attic and basement warm, while the rest of the current home was uncomfortable and cold. I was not gleeful about hiring this business to seal the duct system.  I assumed this process would be long and costly, however, my options were non-existent. The business first covered all of the vents, return and supply, then blew pressurized air into the duct system. The pressurized air consisted of adhesive particles, and as those particles escaped through leaks and holes, they congregated along the edges. This process managed to effectively seal the holes from the inside, separate from causing any destruction or disruption to our home.  The whole task took a short time, and made a big difference in the performance of our oil furnace. I can now keep a reasonable temperature in our lake current home separate from paying a fortune in energy bills.

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