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I made a big mistake, and I’m happy to admit my wrongdoing. It was just the other day that I made a sizable misstep in my daily workout routine when I tried to switch it up in the name of another activity. Last week I went to a hot yoga class. My friend Jeff had been all over me that I had to try yoga for at least a year now. Apparently it is superb for a fitness lover like me & it promotes such core relaxation. I just did not suppose that yoga was going to be a good enough job out for me. But, because Jeff frankly would not drop it, I decided to try a single class and shut him up. Jeff & I at random went in on a yoga class. All of us accidently signed up for hot yoga class. Well, that should be fun, right? Nope, this means the yoga class had the oil furnace cranking, I swear to god! These lazy slugs use a oil furnace to sweat & not get quality cardio. That is why all the yoga goers actually suppose they are getting a good workout! The heating method probably tricks them into feeling they are now working hard. For me, the heating method made me all oily & slick. I kept thinking diligently about all the acne that was going to be on our face afterwards. I also felt suspicious that I was paying for a utility for the studio. I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in paying a building for their stupid heat.

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