I love to watch the storms with the comfort of my climate control system

I don’t really know why, but I love to just sit at my window and watch the storms that come through. Sometimes I even like to be outside on the porch when there is a serious downpour with lightning all over the place. It might be dangerous out there, but it’s so fascinating to watch the wrath of mother nature. Most of the time, I prefer being inside with the comfort of the climate control system. When we get heavy rain, it tends to be incredibly humid. I actually have a nice dehumidifier in my home to keep all that additional humidity out of the air inside. It’s a very good dehumidifier and I have the line that drains into my sink in the laundry room. There are some occasions when I will drive with my wife over to the lake to see the storms approaching on the water. It’s really cool to see all the lightning out there on the water with the comfort of the climate control system in the car. We experience some very intense storms around here. I remember one time, there was this severe blizzard. We got bombarded in the southern part of the city, but the upper parts weren’t even touched. They had to shut down the main thruway in certain places. It was a really nasty blizzard. When this happened, I was actually up north working at my job. My wife called me up and was telling me about this terrible blizzard, and I looked outside and there was nothing but clear skies and sunshine. I knew she couldn’t be lying to me but I was shocked because I didn’t see any signs of a blizzard. Regardless, I went to pick up emergency supplies at the store and made my way into the blizzard. It was a very scary drive.



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