I loved hotels growing up because of the air conditioning in the rooms

I grew up in a relatively poor family, but my parents did their best to hide the fact that we were poor.

They saved money whenever possible to buy the toys and things that we wanted.

I never really noticed that we were poor until I got much older. I was a very happy child, and I knew that my parents loved me and wanted what was best for me. They did everything that they could to ensure that all of us kids got a well rounded education, and I sincerely appreciate all that they did for me and continue to do for me. Even though I did not realize that my family was poor, I did realize that we never had air conditioning. I did not even know that you could have air conditioning in your home until I visited a friend’s house one time, and he had an air conditioner in his bedroom window. My favorite place to go as a child was on a family vacation. My parents worked hard and saved all year long for our family vacations. They were always a week long, and we stayed in a hotel every night of the vacation. I have to admit that my favorite part about every vacation was staying in a hotel. The reason I liked the hotel so much was because each room had air conditioning, and I was amazed at how cool it was in the rooms even during the daytime. I used to tell my parents how much I loved the hotel, and they would just chuckle. Even now that I am married and have air conditioning in my house, I still love to stay in hotels.



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