I loved the house

I have never been fond of household chores – more than most it seems. It’s not because I’m a lazy couch potato or anything like that. And I can certainly do a pretty decent job when I actually get around to it. But if someone would do it for me, I would be very happy indeed. Now other than vacuuming the carpet, which I don’t mind as much as the other tasks, most of the other parts of cleaning really drive me crazy. I think guys in general don’t mind vacuuming carpets, at least that’s what I am hearing. The main reason that it is incredibly difficult for me to clean my house is that I have severe dust allergies. In fact, if I didn’t wear a face mask while cleaning, I would experience serious coughing and sneezing for over an hour afterwards. The one thing that I do not mind at all, however, is paying to have my air ducts cleaned and my HVAC system serviced. I see this as treating the root of the dust problem, not just the symptoms. So I faithfully schedule an HVAC contractor to come to my house every six months, which is twice as often as the recommendation for air duct cleaning and HVAC service. I know that I’ll reap the benefits when I do. Once the air conditioning and furnace units and ducts are opened, I always ask to take a look inside. It’s always the same – really, really dusty! Then I leave the guy alone to do his job using a shop vacuum along with numerous brushing tools to sweep out the air ducts throughout the house. It’s incredible how much debris builds up in the ducts of your home, even if you change the air filter every month as I do! I love how really fresh and clean the air quality in my home becomes after a proper cleaning. If I didn’t have it done, I know that it would be a challenge to live comfortably in my home if there was bad air quality.

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