I make sure to do a deep clean every year

Doing a deep scrub on your home once a year is a fantastic way to rid of dust and dirt that settles into hard to reach areas. After I went multiple years without doing these springtime cleaning routines, I realized that I was letting the problem get out of control. Being responsible and deep cleaning your home yearly will keep dust and dirt levels down to manageable levels. This way you’re not spending multiple weekends to finish chores that should be finished in multiple days. This year I went as far as taking my shop vac into the attic to get rid of years of built up dust and dirt. Although it was up in the attic, I have no doubt some of it was getting into the rest of the loft because my sinuses got clearer after I finished the job. After getting a lot of it in the air, I knew that some of that seasoned dust would settle in the central a/c. I guess that I’m not qualified to safely scrub the a/c without damaging it, so I call my heating and air conditioning serviceman once a year so he can scrub it officially. This is important regardless of whether or not you stir up a ton of dust from cleaning your attic, because a/cs are dark and damp places while they’re being used. It’s simple for microbial content to build on your evaporator coil if you don’t have it cleaned on a proper basis. This metal coil is seriously fragile and corrodes when it comes into contact with bleach cleaners and the like. My heating and air conditioning serviceman has a special aerosol spray cleaner that is made identifiably for evaporator coils. It melts off any buildup and leaves the coil completely clean for future use.

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