I managed to fix an ancient window air conditioner

I live in a poor family, and we have never had an air conditioner in our house.

The house where we are living was passed down from generation to generation, and we have been a farming family for a long time.

We are not very poor, but we don’t make a lot of money to purchase anything fancy. Because of this, there is no air conditioner in our house. My parents tell us that we don’t have an air conditioner because they are afraid that it would make us lazy. We spend most of our time working outside, and an air conditioner would make that harder. However, I have heard them talk privately, and I know that they want an air conditioner too. They just don’t feel like air conditioners are a good investment. They can’t afford a central air conditioner, and window air conditioners break down all of the time. While I was going through the barn one day, I discovered that there was an air conditioner in the corner of the barn. The air conditioner looked very old, and when I researched the air conditioner, I discovered that it was one of the first models of a window air conditioner that was created. I thought that it would be very cool to restore this air conditioner, so I started doing odd jobs to buy the parts needed to fix the air conditioner. There were a lot of parts I couldn’t find, but I found a lot of old air conditioner parts in a junkyard that would fit. One day, I carried the air conditioner in the house, put it in a window, and turned it on. My parents were very impressed that I fixed the air conditioner, but they surprised me when they sold it. Apparently, the air conditioner was worth a lot of money, and they used the money to purchase a central air conditioner!

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