I managed to get an old air conditioner to last for years because of regular service

Usually I take it as a challenge to get certain appliances and electronics to last as long as possible.

I had this small stereo from the age of six to eighteen that I used daily.

It had four primary functions—it was an AM and FM radio, a CD player, a cassette deck, and a recorder with a microphone input. In the early years, I used it primarily to play my cassette collection in between listening to the radio at various times of the day and night. This was towards the death of FM radio when a small number of companies bought out all of the radio stations across the country, leaving at most two companies that dominate the radio waves in 2020. Despite how long I owned that little stereo, as well as the paces I put through while learning to record my guitar at 14, it lasted for over 12 years in my possession. This was a lesson that I took to heart with every machine I owned from that point on. Right now I have the privilege to say that my air conditioner is over 15 years old and is running as well as some newer air conditioners. Although it is from one of the more reputable manufacturers, the real reason my air conditioner has survived for so many years unscathed is because of the regular maintenance and upkeep on my part. I have quarterly inspections and will tell my technician to clean any of the components or ventilation whenever necessary to prevent particulate buildup. I am hoping that sticking to my diligent regimen will allow my air conditioner another five years of life or more, praying that I don’t have to replace it before trying to sell the house in a few years.

Air conditioning workman