I miss my old wood-burning stove

I have a heating system now, even though I wish that I had my old heating system.

I used to have a wood-burning stove, & it was the best heating method that I had.

I wouldn’t have gotten rid of the heating system, but my kids convinced myself and others that I was too old to be using a wood-burning stove to heat my home anymore. Sure, it was hard work to use a wood-burning stove, & when they got finished telling myself and others about all of the benefits of the heating system, I will confess that I was honestly tempted to purchase a heating system. I called the Heating & A/C contractor, & after talking to the Heating & A/C worker, I got rid of my old wood-burning stove & installed a nice heating system in my house. With my heating system, I never have to worry about heating my house, my heating system works around the clock to make sure that my home is warm. The heating system heats the home much more evenly than my wood stove did, & it is much easier. The only thing that I have to do with my heating system is to adjust the thermostat, & I only need to do that twice a year. However, I miss my wood stove. The wood stove was much cheaper than the heating system. I never had to worry about repairs, & since I got all of my wood for free, I never had to pay for fuel. Most people are willing to deliver you wood if you option it up when a tree falls. With the heating system, I pay an arm & a leg for electricity. Also, I miss the exercise. The heating system is honestly easier, even though I am growing lazy separate from the woodcutting & everything else. The heating system is genuinely boring. That is why I miss my old wood stove.


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