I Missed My A/C Tune-up

Last summer I waited much too long before calling the HVAC company, and I regretted that. I needed the HVAC provider to come out to check my A/C unit.  Once I finally called them, the air conditioner was no longer cooling my home to my preferred temperature control. I suppose I should have called for an A/C tune-up sooner.  I am just not used to spending money on preventive tasks. It is hard enough for me to get the oil in my car changed on a regular basis. However, it will soon be getting much colder.  If I wish to maintain the heat in my house to my preferred temperature control, I must react. I certainly want my central heating to keep my home warm and comfortable during the winter months.  I saw on the news last night that HVAC companies have been extremely busy lately. Not surprisingly, even this early in the winter season. The big freeze is on the way, and they are busy fixing heaters and furnaces all over town.  So I’ll have to call them and get on their list to tune-up my heating unit. I want the HVAC company to keep my heater running well. So I will call the HVAC company for a tune-up because I have no choice. It isn’t possible to stay warm up north unless you have a working heating unit.  With my weather, I don’t want to take any chances.  Last summer, I did OK for a few days without air conditioning. However, when winter arrives, I want the heat on.

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