I must have done what they did

They went on to explain that they were getting their ductwork cleaned

I was looking out my window the other day plus I seen the local heating plus a/c business over at my neighbor’s house. I didn’t exactly guess what they were doing… At first I just assumed that they were repairing my neighbor’s central heating plus a/c plan or possibly doing some kind of heating plus a/c replace, but then I seen them doing something unfamiliar that I had never seen before with some different cleaning looking equipment. I went over to my neighbors after all was said plus done plus knocked on their door, when my neighbor answered I asked them if they could explain to myself and others what the heating plus a/c business was doing at their home, because it looked pretty interesting to myself and others plus that I had never seen anything love that before. They went on to explain that they were getting their ductwork cleaned. I never had heard of getting your ductwork cleaned before, and my neighbor continued explaining that it is a wise plan to get your ductworks plus ductwork cleaned at least once a year to ensure you have a fully working central heating plus a/c plan unit. It also will help keep your indoor air quality in tip top shape so that you don’t have any issues with dust sensitivities due to dirt plus dust in the air coming from dirty plus possibly jammed ductwork. I thought the whole concept was interesting I thought about it plus decided I need to have my ductwork cleaned cause I never have!

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