I need a HVAC duct sealing to keep the critters out

I would love to have that done too

Since we moved to our current house, further south, I am always finding all kinds of critters in the house, and several times a day I grabbed a jar and put it over some kind of insect, spider, or current home lizard and take it outside, but for the longest time I could not understand how the creatures were getting into the house, however i had all of the doors and windows sealed. Besides, I have never seen a critter run in when I open the door either. Some of these spiders are big too and the lizards are not super tiny. I think I would see them running through my door… Then I started noticing that the bugs and lizards tend to be near my Heating as well as Air Conditioning vents on the floor, however at first I thought they just wanted the heat but I am still finding them now that the A/C is on as well. I called up a heating and air conditioner contractor and asked what could be going on. The receptionist told me that it’s possible that my HVAC duct needs to be sealed and that the spiders, insects, and lizards are getting into my duct work, from under the house, because there are holes and gaps in it. That makes sense. I decided to hire the heating and air conditioner contractor to come out and seal my HVAC duct. They are recommending a HVAC duct cleaning as well. I would love to have that done too. I want to make sure all of the dirty critters are out of my HVAC duct and that they stay out forever.


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