I need an AC unit

I am thinking about adding a ductless heat pump to our home. I want to put the heat pump system in our family room. My dining room is the floor above the family room too. I want to extend the heat pump upstairs. This way I can having heating and cooling in our room and the family room. Those are the only more than one rooms that I really need anything. The family room has a gas fireplace for heating in the Winter. The family room is too far from the oil furnace though. The heat pump would provide that little extra kick of heating in the Winter. Also, our dining room never has access to the fireplace, however right now I am getting by with a section heater. I guess a heat pump would be more powerful, efficient and less of a danger. A section oil furnace sucks up electric and also can really catch on fire. In the Summer the heat pump will be needed too. The whole house gets so tepid and I don’t have any air conditioner. I really only want to have cooling when I sleep at night and when I cook. The heat pump could provide cooling just in the rare times I cook indoors. Then, every night, the AC would be turned on in our room. The actual purchase of the heat pump and HVAC upgrade would be a lot. But, the use of the heat pump would be nothing. I hardly need the heat pump to be on. Also, it has only more than one small rooms to control. It would be ideal for our home.

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