I need an air purifier for my allergies.

Most of my life has been spent going in and out of hospitals.

  • No matter how often I end up going to the hospital, I can’t get used to the thermostat settings.

They keep the air conditioning system turned up to uncomfortable levels. The best thing about the hospital is that they use air cleaners with UV light. This kills the bacteria and viruses and the cool air is supposed to prevent the spread of germs. While I do prefer the powerful UV air cleaner, I really think that the overly cool air makes everyone a little on the sick side. I have struggled with pollen irritations for the longest time though, and their air purification system helps everyone to breathe easier. I seriously need to get a powerful air purification system like that in my home. I especially want to have the UV light that would improve my air quality. It’s so nice being able to really breathe without having a runny nose and itchy eyes. Some days it is really awful. I can’t supposethink of anything I can do other than going to the hospital. But I think that if I would just call up the HVAC company and invest in a powerful UV air cleaner, I wouldn’t have to go to the hospital nearly as much. I know that the allergy meds they prescribe are basically useless and going to the hospital doesn’t help anyone very much. The only benefit is the comfort of their amazing air purification system.


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