I Need More Heat in the Living Room

I know the fireplace can be romantic, but it doesn’t seem to help my living room to stay warm.  I even had the chimney sweep company out to check it so I don’t burn my house down. I suppose I should have inquired as to whether it would actually produce heat, or not.  Of course, the fireplace is very pretty and my kids loved seeing the mantel decorated. I just wish I could draw more heat from it. The central heating works well enough, but just in all the other rooms.  Since my living room is an “add on”, the HVAC just doesn’t seem to get that far. I’ve discussed this heating issue with both my wife and the heating and cooling company from down the street. Or should I say, it is more of a “lack of heating” issue that I have discussed with them.  The HVAC company advised us to have a multi-split HVAC system added to that room. It can hook up to the existing air ducts and send more heat into the living room. That extra heat will certainly be needed in the middle of winter. That added heating system would seriously help the fireplace to warm that room up.  I could just add some portable heaters in that room, but that won’t help in the summer. I don’t necessarily like the idea of my small kids around portable heaters, anyway. I think the multi-split heating and cooling system will do just fine for us. It will add some much-needed heat in the winter, and we’ll have another A/C in the summer.

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