I need the adjustment

My oil furnace was barely a year old when I needed it torn out and upgraded. It was my mistake for not taking proper care of it.  Although the HVAC company had suggested that I enroll in a repair procedure, I figured this would be a waste of money. I upgraded the air filter every month so I had assumed it would be enough to keep the heating unit working how it should.  Unfortunately, an group of dust, pollen and nasty contaminants got inside the outer cabinet and settled on the inside parts of the system. This situation blocked airflow, and I wound up with longer running times, and unnecessary stress on my component. I observed that my electric charges were through the roof, and my house was a bit frosty, but I did nothing about it. Eventually, the oil furnace stopped working in the middle of January, during the midst of a blizzard. The outside temperature went down considerably, with savage wind chill and loads of snow. I couldn’t put off the oil furnace need any longer, so I phoned for professional repair. I thought the repair was covered under my manufacturer’s guarantee. Unfortunately, since I hadn’t kept up with standard repair, the warranty was invalid. The oil furnace had began overheating and that resulted in a hairline crack in the heat exchanger. The Heating & Air Conditioning company informed me that the cost of replacing the heating exchanger would be more than the purchase price of a new oil furnace. I wasn’t thrilled about the situation, I had no alternative but to buy a new oil furnace.  I have now learned my lesson, and since enrolled in a repair contract with my local Heating & Air Conditioning dealer.

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