I need to stay out of the cold

There have been times when I wanted to stay inside, turn up the heater, and curl up on the couch with a good book. Those times are when it’s cold and snowy outside.  I truly dislike dealing with cold temperatures. I consider myself lucky because our house is the perfect refuge from the cold weather. I have a fireplace in my bedroom.  In the entire house I have a radiant flooring system. My fireplace is fine for days when I already have wood cut and ready to use, but most of the time I simply use the radiant floors. They keep the house feeling nice and warm in the worst weather, and I never worry about cold spots in various rooms. They spread the air so evenly that every corner is perfectly comfortable. This is superior to the ancient furnace  that was installed in my last house. It was only able to push heated air through the handful of air vents in the home, so I was constantly turning up the thermostat and running the furnace more often than I should have just to warm up the house. This led to high energy bills and a lot of frustration when I was just hoping to avoid the cold. I have no complaints with the radiant system. I’m totally happy and my home is always so nice and warm, even when the outside temperature is below zero.  I like that I save on my energy bills, and enjoy clean, quiet and consistent heating. Radiant flooring is the best type of heating.

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