I needed ductwork cleaning after years of dust buildup throughout the ventilation

I have been told by both my neighbors and my service contractors that I live in a particularly dusty environment.

Many have urged me to keep my windows at home closed as often as possible, and to vacuum and sweep regularly to keep the pesky particles out of my air and away from my HVAC system.

I have tried to abide by those simple rules, but I can’t seem to make headway on removing the continual onslaught of dust that I’m faced with each week inside this house. I dust surfaces, furniture, knick knacks—you name it. Next, I vacuum all of the carpet, and then I finish with sweeping and mopping the tile floors. But, no matter how much care and detail I put into the work, the dust returns within a day. Finally, I decided to have my entire HVAC system inspected by a different company. The one I had been using kept telling me that my problems were from dust getting in my front door, but I quit buying that excuse. My persistence paid off, because the first thing the new technician noticed was how dirty the inside of the air handler looked at immediate glance. He even showed me some of the grime and dust buildup right around the evaporator coil. To little surprise on his end, he found caked on dust all throughout my ventilation system. I had to make an appointment for ductwork cleaning right away. I can’t believe I have been breathing this particulate every day for so long. It horrifies me to think about it and angers me that my previous HVAC technician ignored it the entire time.



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