I needed help to put out the fire.

My friends and I wanted to go up to the family cottage for the weekend.

I asked our dad if he minded us going up to the cottage without him.

All he told myself and others was that before the people I was with and I started the fireplace, the people I was with and I should make sure the chimney is clear and the flue is open. I had helped dad ready the chimney and the hearth before setting a fire in the fireplace. We were all packed up and heading to the mountains. I couldn’t wait to go down to the lake and do some fishing. My friends wanted to start a fire and get the locale warmed up first. I diagnosed the chimney to make sure it was clear, and I made sure the flue was open so the smoke went up the chimney and not into the cottage. The a single thing I forgot was to put the gate around the fireplace to keep sparks from coming out onto the hearth rug. There was a fire in the fireplace for about 2 hours, when I saw a spark. I suddenly ran to get water, however the old rug was so dry that it burst into flames. I yelled for the guys, hoping a single of them would come inside and help myself and others pull the rug out of the house. Before the guys could react to our yelp for help, the sparks were coming out of the fireplace and lighting all the dust and small twigs that fell onto the floor. I had fire everywhere however in the chimney. I was sure dad was going to kill us all for burning down the cottage, because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the fireplace.
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