I noticed so many differences

In the Summer of 2016  my wife and I decided to take some time off from our jobs and travel to the Midwest to visit our families.  We had met in college where both of us grew up but had moved to the Northeast over 20 yrs ago. Both our parents lived there and we hoped to spend some relaxing time catching up. It was maybe the hottest Summer on record with most days over 100 degrees.  Even at night it stayed hot and often very muggy. Our first stop was at my wife’s parents who still lived in the home in which my wife grew up. After a few days of long talks and much laughter we woke up in the night feeling the heat of the day before all over the house. I got up to check the thermostat and found my mother-in-law already checking on it.  The air conditioning system had stopped working completely. There wasn’t anything to be done in the middle of the night, so we went back to bed with fans blowing the hot air around the bedrooms. The next morning my father-in-law who was pretty handy said this was above his pay grade so a HVAC repair company was called to make a service call. Within a few hours a service truck pulled up to the house and a nice looking young man in a service uniform came to look at our air conditioner.  He had a number of tools of his trade that could quickly determine what was wrong. It was a minor repair and within a hour we could feel the welcome cool air filling the house. The rest of our stay was spent in wonderful cool comfort.

heating unit