I once lived in a shed for a year with a space gas furnace as well as a window cooling system

When I get down as well as depressed, I try to remind myself how far I have come in life since I graduated school.

Like many others, I didn’t end up in a job after I gained my diploma.

I worked minimum wage positions for years as well as didn’t find a desk job for at least more than five years. This was the hardest stage of my life by far. The jobs I worked were tough, ranging from retail to landscaping work out in the summer time daylight everyday. I was working my tail off for years as well as it seemed care about there was no end in sight. Things got worse when I lost my studio beach house as well as had to move into a shed in my Grandparents’ backyard. There was no room for me inside as well as both of my parents lived on the opposite side of the country. Honestly, living in that shed wasn’t the worst thing in the world. My Grandfather helped me put up insulation along the wall as well as even assisted in the upgrade of a window cooling system. It worked fairly well considering how small the shed was as a whole. Some of my friends thought it was ridiculous, although I was proud of that beach house for the whole year in which I lived there. When the weather got cold outside, I had a radiant space gas furnace to keep me warm. Between the window cooling system as well as the space heater, I had full season indoor climate control. It’s difficult to beat that when you’re trying to live in a small shed intended for tools as well as grass equipment. I’m thankful that my Grandparents let me live there for as long as necessary.



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