I particularly can’t handle window AC units

When I was a child plus I lived in my parents beach house for a year I remember how much I hated the Heating plus A/C system… The only reason I have such a clear memory of the Heating plus A/C idea is because the AC component was so loud.

There was a window AC component in my room plus it would frighten me every evening.

The AC component would make a bunch of different sounds plus I always forgot that it was just the AC unit, however usually I would end up sleeping downstairs on the couch, but there was no AC at all down there so it would get undoubtedly hot, i was happier being tepid plus sleeping with no AC than to hear the scary sounds, and my parents have sold the beach house since I was a child plus I am sure it has a better Heating plus A/C idea than it used to! I will never get a window AC component again because of that experience. I suppose that some of the window AC units are a little bit better, but I still particularly don’t care about them. I care about to be able to open the window when I want, plus you can’t do that if you have an in the window! The one nice thing about a window AC component is how cheap they are to run, service plus buy. My Heating plus A/C idea now costs the same as about 15 window AC units, but it also works a lot better. I have central air so I don’t have quite as much control as I would with the window AC unit, but I am particularly glad about my switch.



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